Storytelling and messaging

4 tools to deliver a better story

Storytelling. Conveying a message. Helping people believe what you believe. These all contain massive arbitrage vs other strategies, because a lot of people suck at this, or pay it insufficient attention. But whilst nailing down what you say matters, how you say it can help close out some gaps in a story. It can carry a weaker message and make it stronger. And of course, with a great story, deliver it well and you’ve got a home run. Let’s talk about 4 areas of improving the how when we deliver a story:

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Descriptive vs narrative positioning.

What’s done way less than the positioning we’ve looked at before is narrative positioning. Good vs. Evil, massive shift in the world type vibes. Here's how to think about it.

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Need to explain what you do? Start by being a kid.

The other day, I was sat with a of the newly funded startup CEO’s.As usual, he’s smart. Technically competent. And, as with a lot of founders, has no idea how to simply explain what his new company does. Here’s how we figured that out.

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