Selling in the age of Covid

Most people are scared about the idea of approaching people to ask for their time and money in this climate.

It’s understandable. The truth is, there are still needs unmet, problems still unsolved. Some of which are heightened as a result of this.

If I were still selling product/services today, here would be the three things I’d be thinking about right now.

1. Is something now true, or about to be true for them as a result of this.

Might be as simple as getting ready to recover their losses as best they can when they start trading again. Or more complex, like using this as a chance to rebook at their overall operating approach more broadly.

Are there projects that are usually put off that could now be looked at more easily - a friend of mine in the commercial furniture business had their best quarter yet in sales. Why? Hotels that normally can’t find time to renovate as they’ve got guests are all closed.

2. Empathy and authenticity have long been the unloved children of swashbuckling salespeople. They are more important now than ever.

Sincere interest in the other persons situation, their companies struggles and current reality have never been more important in opening up an honest dialogue.

And that honest dialogue is the key to understanding their challenges.

3. Have brave conversations.

In some cases, the same people who love to put things off when times are good, are the people who now have the best excuse in the world to keep doing that.

Working with them to rationalise the impact decisions deferred have had on them so far can be an effective ‘negative’ approach to encourage them to create a new operating model in these times.

We are all generally operating on the basis that things will return to some semblance of normality. How can they use this time to get on the front foot, for once?

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